You are given a tree (an acyclic undirected connected graph) with N nodes, and edges numbered 1, 2, 3…N-1.

We will ask you to perfrom some instructions of the following form:

  • CHANGE i ti : change the cost of the i-th edge to ti
  • QUERY a b : ask for the maximum edge cost on the path from node a to node b


The first line of input contains an integer t, the number of test cases (t <= 20). t test cases follow.

For each test case:

  • In the first line there is an integer N (N <= 10000),
  • In the next N-1 lines, the i-th line describes the i-th edge: a line with three integers a b c denotes an edge between a, b of cost c (c <= 1000000),
  • The next lines contain instructions “CHANGE i ti” or “QUERY a b”,
  • The end of each test case is signified by the string “DONE“.

There is one blank line between successive tests.


For each “QUERY” operation, write one integer representing its result.


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