We say that a string is oddodd if and only if all palindromic substrings of the string have odd length.

Given a string ss, determine if it is oddodd or not.

A substring of a string ss is a nonempty sequence of consecutive characters from ss. A palindromic substring is a substring that reads the same forwards and backwards. 

1 Input 

The input consists of a single line containing the string ss (1 ≤ |s| ≤ 100)(1≤∣s∣≤100).

It is guaranteed that ss consists of lowercase ASCIIASCII letters (‘a’–‘z’)(‘a’–‘z’) only. 

2 Output

If ss is oddodd, then print “Odd.Odd.” on a single line (without quotation marks). Otherwise, print “Or\ not.Or not.” on a single line (without quotation marks).




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